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222 N. Jefferson St., Houston

Franklin MFG. Clinic, Houston

310 W. Sweet Potato Street, Vardaman

400-A Third Ave, Houlka

Phone: (662) 456-1065

Fax: (662) 456-1269

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Cass Tapley, PT



Houston Physical Therapy is the only locally owned, operated, and staffed therapy clinic in Houston, MS and the surrounding area. We are the only therapy clinic offering physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy in one clinic in order to offer the best results available in assisting patients to return to living their best life.

Although the name is new, we have been providing quality care to Houston and the surrounding area for over 25 years. We are invested in developing a personal connection with each and every one of our patients by providing quality service and being available Whenever you need us.



Shoulder, knee, hip, ankle/foot, post-surgery, rotator cuff pain, TMJ, etc.

Hand Therapy

Carpal tunnel, tendonitis, post-surgical, work injury

Industrial Therapy

Injury treatment, onsite clinics and wellness programs, Functional Capacity Evaluations, work conditioning, and job-site analysis

Sports Therapy

Shoulder, knee, elbow, ankle injury, ACL repair, meniscus repair, labrum repair, rotator cuff injury, sports performance programs, return to sport conditioning, same day sports injury consultations, etc.

Wellness Programs

Injury prevention, weight loss, fitness programs, work readiness, post rehab exercise, elderly fitness

Diabetic wounds, peripheral vascular disease, pressure sores


Weakness, gait abnormalities, balance deficits, joint replacement, falls, arthritis



Post covid rehab, Heart attack, CABG, COPD

Gait/Balance Disorders



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Cass Tapley, PT - Owner

222 N. Jefferson St. - Houston

310 W. Sweet Potato St. - Vardaman

400-A Third Ave. - Houlka

Phone: (662) 456-1065

Fax: (662) 456-1269

Email: houston@casstapleypt.com